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A Fresh Start

Introducing the new and improved created on NextJs there will be new features that will be added to the page as we start to move away from the conventional static blogs (those were no fun), the aim is to develop a blog suited for the Web3 revolution.


The blog will contain content from two major sections of technology, namely Web3 and Cybersecurity which kinda overlaps the entire technology domain in it's self but we'll keep it niche and suited to specifically digital assets, cryptocurrencies and secure storage etc.

In addition to the general crutches of Web3 and Cyber Security, additional OSInt sources and write ups will be produced for certain areas of Cyber security and Web3.

Finally we'll also look into latest developments in the digital asset space, including regulation, technology and security.


There will be new implementations that might break the site but it's an RnD of technologies, experimenting with tech that is in its infancy will cause this but in the end we'll mold something that will be suited for the environment to come. These will include:

  • Wallet Connectivity such as metamask
  • ENS based domain name

With these technology pieces added a slew of new features can be introduced currently underwraps.

Hope to see you soon!

P.S Some aspects of the site are still in production, i.e the comment section but it will be sorted in the next patch.

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